About us

Corinne and Tracy

All About Learning was founded in 1991 by its owners, Corinne Thiesen and Tracy Aslin.

Corinne graduated from UW- Stout with a degree in Child Development and Family Life. Tracy graduated from UWMadison with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Corinne and Tracy’s desire to own and operate a child care center that would provide high-quality, educational care for children, was developed while working together for other child care providers.

The first All About Learning, located in West Allis, was opened in 1991. It is still in operation today. In 1993, we opened our second center in Oconomowoc. Our third location opened in 1997 in Waukesha. Our fourth location is in Menomonee Falls, located right on Silver Spring. This center opened in the summer of 2000. We opened our Hartland center in October of 2000. In September 2003 we opened our 6th location on Main Street in Menomonee Falls. In June of 2005 we moved our West Allis center to a new location which is on 106th and Lincoln. In summer of 2007 we opened a brand new facility in Oconomowoc, which offers a huge indoor gym, Birthday party and training room. This new building also offers a high tech Hepa filter and UV system designed to collect 99.9% of airborne particles and allergens including dust mites, bacteria and attached viruses. In addition to this, we have installed in house video monitors and recorder in all classrooms for observation and training.

As we are growing, we are continually finding that the need for quality childcare centers is expansive. All About Learning is a growing company dedicated to maintaining quality. We are consistently looking for ways to improve our services through new technology, higher education, and individualized care. Through the growth of this company we have learned to improve our facilities to better meet the needs of the children, families, staff and community. All of our centers operate under the strict guidelines of the National Accreditation Credentials (NAC) program requirements. To learn more about the Accreditation process and requirements visit the NAC website at: www.naccp.org

All About Learning respects the parent’s/guardian’s role and influence in the care of their child/ren. We appreciate any input and information that you can share with us regarding your child and your expectations.