Pre school

pre-school and jr.kindergarten

If you are like most parents in our community, this question is most important to the future development of your child. That is why we have created an informational packet designed to help you understand the curriculum taught within our classrooms. We have chosen to use “The Creative Curriculum” because it is one of the top-rated curriculums for teaching young children. National Association for the Education of Young Children- Accreditation program accepts this as a match for the type of learning they feel is developmentally appropriate for children this age. Creative Curriculum is a program which focuses on developmentally appropriate, skill based learning. As children practice and refine their skills in our positive and welcoming learning environment, it creates a direct link between our curriculum and what they will need to know as they enter elementary school.

All About Learning is dedicated towards being a positive influence in your child’s education and playing an active role in your child’s daily learning experience. Our goal is to create an active learning environment which encourages the love of learning in every child. We hope this information will guide you to understanding our curriculum and its’ educational benefits. We value your input and encourage your questions concerning our program and your child’s development.

Click here to download our Pre-school program in pdf.